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Landlord Rescue -- Signs You Need to Hire a Phoenix Property Management Company

System - Monday, January 29, 2018
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Many times, Phoenix landlords don’t realize that they need rescue or intervention. It’s easy for a rental property owner to assume property management isn’t that hard, and to try and do it themselves. Often it’s all downhill from there, and what could have been a successful and positive landlord experience becomes something dreadful and plagued with costly mistakes.

Phoenix Property Management: Leasing Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes with marketing because individual landlords don’t have access to the tools and resources that property managers do. When you put up a For Rent sign in the front yard of your Phoenix home, you’re basically advertising that the property is vacant and free appliances are available. Screening can also be tricky. Many property owners don’t know how to prescreen prospective renters. If you know what to ask when they call or email about the property, you can save yourself time and eliminate some unqualified people right away. You need to ask about income to ensure they can afford the property, and if you don’t allow pets, you shouldn’t waste time showing the home to someone with dogs or cats. After showing your property to prospective Phoenix tenants, you’ll also need to process applications, create a strong written lease, and manage the collection of the security deposit.

Phoenix Property Management: Resolving Problems

Unless you know the laws and have experience managing properties, it’s easy to run into problems with your tenants and your property. Rental property professionals have systems and procedures in place to prevent these issues from occurring. Common mistakes with individual landlords include tenants who don’t pay rent or maintain the home. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you probably need to be rescued by a professional management company. You may be unsure if you should evict the tenant or what legal steps you can take to enforce the lease and the payment of rent.

Author Image You can require your tenant to maintain the property and pay rent on time. Property managers handle these situations every day. As full time landlords, it’s our job to know the laws and enforce the lease. We can help you educate your tenants about their responsibilities.

If you need a landlord rescue or you have questions about how a Phoenix property management company can help you, please contact us at Bennett Property Management.